Why buy with SHANTI JAPAN?

●We have special buyers who have over 20 years of experience.

●We sincerely wish to help our customers select cars that will give them not only peace of mind but also a feeling of safety.

● Buyers who have dealt with us before or who have been personally recommended. can buy directly. upon confirmation.

●We will disclose all required details concerning the car, via the client's chosen method of communication

●We are able to disclose all auction sheets issued by Tokyo Auction USS. 

●Field survey confirmation requests are admissible and can be shown live, if requested.

What is our Service

Private cars

Heavy equipment

Various car parts

other items; Please contact us with any particular needs.

Currently, the exporting countries with which we do business are Sri Lanka and Australia.

We will arrange a car for your needs.

We can provide you with any available international model of car available in Japan.

Please send us an E-mail stating "model number and required colour of the car you seek". We will then send you an E-mail with the latest information about the car in question.



Please contact us for countries other than the above exporting countries.

※Experienced buyers will send you the latest particulars  concerning each car.

1.car details sample

2.car to bid sample

3.Engine and interior sample


Here is a small sample of the vast amount of cars available for purchase through SHANTI JP.


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